Feast Days

La Candelaria (Candlemas)

First weekend in February (2nd February)

The celebration of “la candelaria” occurs in late January but we must wait for the first weekend in February (2nd February) to see this event. This festival holds the tradition of staying out and stages parties around bonfires at night. They sing, dance and share food and drink until the early hours.

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The Carnival


It is always celebrated in February but it does not have an exact date. During this festival, the locals dress up in fancy-dress costumes either individually or as a group and people go throughout the streets, especially the city centre of Palma, such as Feria and Portada Street, Constitucion and España squares. The most important days is our carnival are the first Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and also our “Piñata” Sunday when the whole town goes to the streets to enjoy the most fun-filled and entertaining event in our city.

Holy Week

Variable (It does not have a fixed date in the calendar)

Holy week is celebrated with the arrival of spring. It is a spectacular event of religious, social and cultural characteristics that attracts many visitors. During the week, there are eight procession parades. The first is Palm Sunday with the brotherhood of La Entrada Triunfal de Jesús en Jerusalén known as “La Borriquita” where you can see and share in the joy of the children bearing palms as the herald Jesus entry into Jerusalem.

Holy Monday. The visitors can enjoy the Via Crucis with the Brotherhood of Cristo de las Aguas.

Holy Tuesday. The procession of this day is Jesús Orando en el huerto, Jesús Cautivo and La Virgen de la Palma and Esperanza. They are holders of the brotherhood of El Señor Orando en el Huerto, Nuestro Padre Jesus Cautivo y Mª Santísima de Palma y Esperanza that the most intense moments is without doubt, the entry and the exit of its temple in San Francisco de Asis Parish.

Holy Wednesday. On this day we reach the halfway stage of Easter week with Virgen de la Concepción and Cristo de la Salud.

Holy Thursday. This day celebrates La Real e Ilustre Hermandad del Santisimo Cristo de la Expiración, María Santísima de los Dolores, Santa María Magdalena and San Juan Evangelista whose entry and departure evoke emotional feelings especially the throne of the Virgin, which due to its narrow departure of Asuncion Parish, the costaleros (bearers) have to kneel down to take out the throne.

Holy Friday. There are two penitences brotherhood stage in our town. On the one hand, La muy Ilustre and Pontífica Hermandad de Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno, María Santisima de la Piedad and San Juan Evangelista whose images are featured by their great admiration. Its early start is advisable to avoid missing. It leaves at 5 in the morning from “Hospital of San Sebastián” until the sunrise. At night the Brotherhood of the Santo Domingo Sepulcro and María Santísima de los Dolores processions.

Finally to conclude our spectacular Holy week, we celebrate the Resurrection of the lord with the procession “El Resucitado”. It is the last procession in the Holy week of Palma del Rio. It is accompanied by Nuestra Madre y Señora de la Aurora and Santísimo Rosario de Nuestra Señora en sus Misterios Gloriosos.

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Fair of May

It takes place on the weekend closest to 20th May

Fair of May takes place the 20th May. It is the first Fair which coincides with the harvesting recollection of the town. The casetas are the perfect place to dance, drink, eat and socialize giving the fair a special attraction you should avoid missing.

Real Fair of August

The real Fair of August is held around the 24th August

It is a special weekend which began in the 15th century. It was approved by Juan II to Martin Fernandez Portocarrero who proposed a Fair which lasted fifteen days since La Asunción de la Virgen. This privilege was approved by the catholic Monarchs a few years later. This fair coincides with the return of the immigrants with their local families. People around our town come here to spend a good time at our Fair.

Patronal Feast Days

At the beginning of September

At the beginning of September is celebrated a festival which honours the Virgin of Belen with two celebrations. The first celebration is La Romería and the second is LaVelá. Then, the 8th September is celebrated with a procession, fireworks and a fire bull. The day before La Romería there is a Pregon to honour and preserve the tradition of our festivals and a lot of people meet in the Hermitage to uphold the historical significance of the festival.

On Sunday morning, people go to Hermitage to pray a rosary which is followed by a Mass. In the evening the image of the Virgin of Belen is moved to Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Parish accompanied by couples on horseback dressed in regional costumes decorated floats, and a large number of devotes.

The previous days it is held La Velá which is usually located throughout Cordoba and Diputación Avenues and Andalucia square. We enjoy a procession of our Patron which ends with a traditional fire bull and a firework show.

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