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Route around La Algaba and La Jara

Route around La Algaba and La Jara between Palma del Río and Fuente Palmera. After the signal of the path, around 800 metres after, you will find the Fuente de La Algaba. This spring is placed on the side part of the path. It is rectangular shape, 17 metres long by 2 metres wide. You will find a trough which is 2 metres wide and a main well. The dimensions of this fountain show you its importance in the past as a water supply. If you follow the path, you will find a beautiful landscape of the countryside (Lands of La Algaba and La Jara). Both names have arabian origins. La Algaba means “The forest” and La Jara could be translated as “land full of vegetation“. These names show us the former landscape of this place, where the Mediterranean forest is predominant. The area like the surrounding lands suffered an important process of deforestation to grow in the last centuries. La Algaba had small farm schools which currently you can see.

If you follow the route, you can observe the remains of the Tower of Molino del Cañaveral. There were three mills in this part in the XIXth (Molino del Castillo, Molino Guzmán and Molino Alí). When you get the south direction of this path, you will see El cortijo del Castillo(the rural house of El Castillo). At the end of this path you will find path to Los Silillos and Fuente Carreteros. You go on this route (Cañada Real del Alamillo) on the right towards the south. You will find several directions but you should take the first on the right towards the west (Cañada real de La Jara). You will find a road on the left to Fuente del Adalid in two kilometers if you want to see it. However, you can go on your route until enjoy the Rural Centre Malpica. When you pass this centre, you will have a wonderful view of the Genil Valley and an important descent that takes us to the end of the road on the highway A-453.

Distance: 13,75 km
Duration: 3 hours cycling touring – 5 hours hiking
Difficulty: average – easy
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