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Route throughout Los Pagos de las Delicias, El Higueral and El Corvo

The route begins in the Tourism Office of Palma del Rio which is placed in Plaza Mayor of Andalusia. The visitors could observe the two doors of the Almohade Wall; Puerta del Sol and Puerta de las Angustias and some turrets. Later you will be able to discover the orange trees of Pagos de Huerta; El Higueral, El Corvo y Las Delicias. You can observe some houses in these Pagos and farms of old and recent trees. You can also enjoy its countless wild life (blackbirds, goldfinches, sparrows, European greenfinches, des murs’s wiretail, bee-eater…) rabbits and hares. Therefore, if you continue your route, you will see a lot of farm gardens (huertos) which are taken care for our neighbours and you can return to the town by the right side.

Near the shore of the Guadalquivir River, you can observe a beautiful landscape. The farthest point of this route is the place in which The Retortillo River comes to The Grande River. Here you can observe a delightful view of Betis’s riverbed before its union with the Genil. The confluence between the Guadalquivir and Genil Rivers is the most important place of this area. Currently you only can see with a guided visit. Furthermore, the place in which The Genil and The Guadalquivir join, is the perfect place to see wild aquatic species.

This wonderful route offers the visitors a beautiful landscape with a lot of orange trees by means of the former place where the small boat was used to cross the river, when they come back to Palma. Some metres before, walking surrounded by houses, you can take the left path until the Iron Bridge which crosses The Guadalquivir River, the Interpretation Center of the River and Hermitage of Belen. It is a wonderful view to see this beautiful landscape and the town surrounded by two important rivers and the plantations of orange trees.

Distance: 7 km
Duration: 1 hour bicycle touring – 3 hours hiking
Difficulty: easy
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