Route hiking: A walk throughout The Guadalquivir River

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Route through the former road from Cordoba to Seville

The route begins when you cross the bridge above The Guadalquivir River, next to the Interpretation Centre of the River, and at the bottom of Hermitage of Belen. The route goes around the Railway station and continues to the East viewing the delightful landscapes around the Guadalquivir River.

We can reach the shores of The Grande River before you go up. This area is formed by a lot of stones which give us the opportunity of reaching this beautiful river. We will be able to enjoy an amazing view of the Ribera of Guadalquivir and it is known that in the XIXth century a small boat was used here to cross the river. In the past, this was the perfect place to cross the river because here the river is wider than in other places and it does not have much depth. So, it gave people the opportunity of crossing the river without a bridge in some periods. This place was known as Vado Viejo in the past.

We are going to discover more things related to our former route that during several years connected Cordoba and Seville in the north part of Betis. In Roman times, this route had a relevant economic, social, cultural and military importance. For this reason a stone bridge was built above the Retortillo River. Currently, the rest of this bridge can be seen between the railway bridge and the highway which connects Cordoba to Seville A- 431. This bridge only keeps an arch in its west area of The Retortillo River within the municipal town Peñaflor. After enjoying this wonderful and lively place used during several centuries, we come back to the beginning of our route throughout the north part of Guadalquivir.

Distance: 3,8 km
Duration: 30 minutes bicycle touring – 1 hour hiking
Difficulty: easy
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