Routes by bike

The Guadalquivir banks

This tour borders The Guadalquivir River. It goes through ancient paths that are in good conditions. It is considered a nice route.

Distance: 18 km
Duration: 1:35 hours
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Route around our surroundings

This is a route which offers you a wonderful experience throughout “Pagos de Huerta de Pedro Díaz” where you will be able to see the beautiful landscape full of orange trees and the Hermitage. It has an average difficulty.

Distance: 31 km
Duration: 4:10 hours
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Fuente La Plata

It is an average difficulty which covers the proximity of Palma del Río known as “Fuente de la Plata”.

Distance: 22 km
Duration: 1:55 hours
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The Bembezar Swamp

This route starts in Palma del Rio and crosses our neighbour town Hornachuelos until The Bembezar River. It is an easy route.

Distance: 62 km
Duration: 3 hours
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La Puebla de los Infantes

It is a route which begins and finishes in Palma del Rio, visiting La Puebla de los Infantes. It is an average difficulty.

Distance: 40 km
Duration: 3:20 hours
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This is the largest route and it goes throughout La Puebla de los Infantes and Constantina. This route starts and finishes in Palma del Río.

Distance: 102 km
Duration: 5:30 hours
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