Children places

Parque Infantil La Ribera de los Niños - Turismo Palma del Río - Córdoba

“La Ribera de los Niños” Playground

The children playground La Ribera de los Niños is composed of five different sections which go around the man´s evolution and the technologic revolution divided in thirty four games. Some of them are “Forest” and “Neox”. The park is open from 9:00 am and your children will have plenty of time to enjoy in this fun place.

Location: Paseo Alfonso XIII

“Valparaíso” Playground

It is a recreational children´s playground located in a busy part with a great commercial activity. It has different children sections which are divided according to children´s age (1-5 years old and 5-12), there is also a healthy area where the elderly people will be able to develop their physical and mental health. Therefore, Valparaiso playground has an area where you can exercise and train your dog with a lot of wastepaper baskets in order to keep a clean park. Once you have entered in the park. You will have a free access wifi-connection and a kiosk-bar.

Location: Valparaíso Square

Parque Infantil Valparaíso - Turismo Palma del Río - Córdoba

Parque Infantil Juegos de Agua - Turismo Palma del Río - Córdoba

“Juegos de Agua” Playground

It is a water park where children will be able to play throughout the water tunnel and the springs which are set on the floor. It has an amazing scorpion with water to enjoy with the hot weather.

Location: Paseo Alfonso XIII